A Covid-SafeTherapy Space


These guidelines are to ensure that my clients and myself, the therapist, remain Covid Safe during sessions.




Clients should fill in all paperwork sent to them prior to their session online to avoid the use of pens and paper.


Clients should text to say they have arrived and they will be greeted at the side entrance, to the right of the front door, to avoid doorbell and handle use. All door handles will be opened and closed by the therapist. 


On arrival clients will have their temperature checked and be asked the Covid screening questions. If temperature is higher than 38 degrees they will need to return home and seek medical advice.


They will be asked to hand sanitise on entering the house using the gel provided. 




As a minimum, it is asked that clients wear face masks when entering and leaving the house, and also within the house should they need to use the toilet. If this causes issue other arrangements can be negotiated. 


A transparent visor mask will be offered for wearing during the session so face and mouth can be seen clearly.  This visor is complimentary for that each client’s use only and can be kept by the client for the duration our sessions. The client should bring this mask with them in a clean bag, cleaned and ready for use for each session. This is their responsibility and will only be handled and cared for by the client.






Prior to clients’ arrival the therapist will clean and sanitise using sentitising wipes on:


  • All door handles needed for entering the house. 

  • Any light switches needing to be touch.

  • Desk/table surfaces intended to use. 

  • Client chairs and use covering that will be removed, quarantined and washed after each session. 


On the clients’ arrival:


  • The therapist is responsible for the clients’ ‘touch free’ arrival into the room and departure from the room.



At the end of the session: 


  • Clients and therapist will wear face covering to the side gate. 

  • All handle touching will be by the therapist. 

  • The therapist will use sanitising wipes on all surfaces, remove chair covering and put into labelled bags for quarantining and cleaning. 

  • The therapist will use sanitising wipes on all chairs, desks, table surfaces that have been used.

  • The therapist will use sanitising wipes on any sockets that have been used.

  • The therapist will use sanitising wipes on light switches.

  • The therapist will use sanitising wipes on all door handles (inside and out) and leave the door open for ventilation 





  • The booked session time is for 1 hour or 90 mins. There will be a minimum 1 hour interval between each session. This allows time for droplets to settle. It is important to ensure the windows are open to ventilate the rooms during this time. 

  • Family or people accompanying clients need to remain in their cars while the session takes place.  If needed they can be texted to collect their person.

  • If clients touch anything it will be wiped down after use.

  • If clients use the toilet, please follow the instructions that will be in the toilet. 

  • In the toilet hand gel, soap, surface wipes and hand towels will be provided. 

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