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Gentle Treatment


Over the last 30 years of working within health and education, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge which allows me to have an intuitive, holistic and integrated perspective of the mind/body connection and how our physical state directly impacts our state of emotional well-being. 

Using the HG approach and tools, I will endeavour to support you in restoring balance so you can feel better quickly using your own resources to build stronger resilience for the future. This will enable you to manage your life more effectively, calmly so feel more in control. 

HG is a brief and solution focussed therapy. The sessions are not designed to be long term. The intention is to work with you to achieve the outcomes you want in a brief time-frame with sessions set around your goals so you can move on fully equipped for the next chapter. 

Whatever your needs may be, as your therapist I will offer support you in finding ways to change your current patterns which may no longer be working for you. Together we will find ways to balance your physical and emotional needs, alleviating distress and so bringing you a better quality of life.

My area of special interest is women's health, from menarche to menopause and in particular perinatal mental health. This encompasses areas where difficulty has been experienced before birth, during birth or after the birth. The timeline is without limit. This means clients can come many years after the impacting event or difficulties have happened. 

I am also a qualified Yoga teacher currently working in a 1:1 therapy setting with my clients focussing on Yoga's benefits to mental and physical well being, to improve posture, relieve pain, to lift low mood, relieve anxiety, release tension and use breath to learn ways to relax.

I welcome all enquiries from anyone in need of emotional support with the aim of treating clients as quickly and as effectively as possible.

I work in my own private practice from my rooms at my home and my consulting rooms in Brighton. I work in person and online so clients can access sessions from anywhere in the UK. I also have practice room becoming available in central London very soon. 

I will endeavour to reply to your enquiry as quickly as possible.



Testimonial Words

Lisa Driver, MI

Testimonial words



Our work together begins with a complimentary 15 minute phone call to discuss, plan and ask any initial questions you may have. 

Most of the in-person clients have an initial 90 minute assessment session to begin with but there is no obligation. This duration changes to 60 minute session thereafter an as the client’s mental and physical health quickly improves there are longer intervals between each sessions. (Please note all Zoom sessions are 60 minutes long). 

These  60 minute sessions allow time for 40 minutes of reflection and exploration, then 20 minutes of Guided Imagery and Relaxation. 

The therapy can include the making of a bespoke relaxation audio recording to use between sessions, limitless text support (within office hours) and email support. Clients also have access to my urgent appointment slots on Fridays should the need arise.

The fees at Feed The Soul reflects the fast, effective results that are generally achieved with each client. There will not be months and months of therapy to pay for. HG is a brief and solution focussed therapy. The sessions are not designed to be multiple or long term. 

My intention is to work with my client to achieve the outcome they want in as short a time-frame as possible so they can move on, fully equipped for the next life chapter.

Make contact and feel better soon. 🙏🏻💜

The first step forwards is the hardest. 

All the rest will just follow.​

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