Catriona has 30 years’ experience of working and supporting adults and children in health and education settings. She has a wealth of experience in working with people who have physical and mental health issues. 

Her knowledge and experience in the field of health means she has a strong understanding of the mind/body connection and how our physical state directly impacts on our emotional well-being. 

With simple changes to self-care (exercise, nutrition and sleep) people find their emotional well-being improves. She believes in finding balance which brings equilibrium to the physical and emotional state of being human. She will endeavour, within the effective HG model, to support and enable people to restore their balance and feel better quickly and efficiently using their own resources. 

She has a broad and varied experience of working with women, young adults and children and has a deep and profound understanding of how life changes can impact on emotional and physical equilibrium. 

She has a particular interest in working with women with PMS, PND, fertility concerns, birthing concerns and those women who are peri menopausal, menopausal and post menopausal. 

She welcomes all enquiries regarding any emotional support needed from anyone with any concerns they may have about their emotional well-being.

Catriona holds three health care qualifications in mental health, general adult health and a first class degree in Midwifery. She is also a graduate in Social Anthropology with honours.

As well as being a registered HG Practitioner (HG.Dip.P) with the HG Institute (PSA accredited), Catriona is also an approved therapist for The Red Poppy Company. A charity that provides support for the frontline services as well as many other organisations. She is also I registered and approved therapist with PTSD Resolution Charity.


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