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I am a qualified Yoga Teacher and a member of the Yoga Alliance for certified professionals. I have practised yoga for over 25 years, through the ups and downs of life. It has brought me great tranquillity, helped me find answers, build inner strength and find focus even when life gets really tricky.


I feel that yoga is integrated into my psychotherapy practice. When clients explain that their shoulders are in knots, that they get terrible tension headaches, they have pain in their lower back, their muscles hurt for apparently no reason, I understand this on all levels: physiologically, psychologically and also from a yogic perspective - the ancient art of wellbeing.


The mind and body is dynamically, chemically and physiologically connected. One impacts on the other. Yoga helps to bring balance and calm between the mind and the body, it opens up spaces, releases tightness and allows the mind to find a flow and new energy. It encourages restoration, equilibrium and releases tensions both emotional and physical.


I can provide 1:1 bespoke sessions to help with depression, stress, anxiety and trauma.


I can provide 1:1 space for gentle release and guided meditation.

I have specialised in teen yoga and looking to specialise in yoga practise that supports woman during menopause.


My qualification in Midwifery attracts me to working in the specialist area of  perinatal wellbeing and I am planning to develop my yoga training in this specialist field also. 

I look forward to meeting you on the mat.



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