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About The Retreat 


In collaboration with Simone Craddock of  Simple Fitness, we have been working on and planning together a 4-day well-being retreat set in the beautiful seaside village of Alcossebre, in the Province of Valenciana on the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain.


On our retreat, we will be eating, sharing, learning, relaxing and practising yoga together. We will be using this beautiful restaurant located on the frontline of the beach so you can enjoy homemade, seasonal, locally sourced and authentic Spanish cuisine at this stunning restaurant run by our dear friends Cristina and Antonio. Here you will enjoy a buffet breakfast, lunch and buffet dinner. The fabulous sandy beach is only steps away and the open terrace provides somewhere to take in the seascape and watch the slow pace of Spanish life go by.


We have chosen a four-star aparthotel situated just behind Restaurant Marimer with its stunning roof terrace and infinity pool, beautifully appointed rooms with a living space, kitchenette and either two or three bedrooms, providing you with the downtime to chill and reflect on your day. Some rooms are bestowed with sea views, others with small garden patios, perfect for you to create your own yoga space.


Check out this stunning unspoilt location and area of beautiful natural beauty that’s steeped in Spanish history This small fishing village and the surrounding area is away from the main tourist resorts which means you will be able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, stresses and distraction of modern living. You will; lose yourself, find equilibrium and so restoration.


What to expect


  • 4 hours of yoga and meditation practice a day divided into two 2 hourly sessions in the morning and evening. 


  • Fitness and guided walks in the surrounding hillside and countryside.


  • Excursions to local places of historical interest and a wine tasting Bodega.


  • Artisan craft and cookery classes.


  • Meeting, sharing and connecting with like-minded people in a beautifully, soothing and relaxing environment. 


  • The opportunity for:


       1:1 session with Sim (charged separately and to be pre-booked in advance)

       1:1 session with Cat (charged separately and to be pre-booked in advance)


About us 



Along with 25 years of yoga practice my background is in; Sports and Remedial massage, specialised stretching techniques and Fitness Walking. Having trained at the London School of Sports Massage in 2004, I bring to my yoga practice an anatomical knowledge and body awareness developed through 16 years of bodywork therapy. I have a special interest in the ways in which yoga can unlock the body both physically and mentally and I hope to bring to my teaching a quiet introduction to the lessons of yoga that go beyond the asana. My wellness business "Simple Fitness" is founded on the belief that health and fitness need not be complex or draining but should uplift and energise you with the perfect balance of components.



Antonio and I have known Cat for more years than we care to remember!

We have shared life's dramas, celebrations, losses and deepened our life long friendship over many a fine meal and glass of good wine!

My husband Antonio has had over 30 years of working with some of the best chefs in the world, by working all over the world and learning from the best. I have worked alongside him as a business manager and restaurant designer. Together we have established three stunning restaurants. The first being "Lola Rojo" a tapas bar with a difference, and then "Rosita the Sherry Bar" both in Clapham's renowned Northcote Road, London.


Lola earned her fame thanks to Gordon Ramsey who chose her as a finalist for "Best Spanish Restaurant in England". Time Out Magazine awarded her "best newly opened local restaurant in London" and the following year "Best Spanish Restaurant" - a professional dream come true. 

But 2017 we decided to return to where it all began - to Antonio's home, village and countryside. In 2019 we opened Marimer in collaboration with our children Pol and Antoni. With this restaurant, we wanted to introduce the concept of a beach bar. The casual atmosphere at noon on the terrace combines perfectly with evening dining under the big fans that stir up the salty aromas of the sea just footsteps away.


As Antonio and I enjoy a drink on the terrace at the end of service, on a clear Mediterranean night, we can count our lucky stars and feel how fortunate and grateful we are that our journey has brought us here.


It has long been my desire to provide a holistic, supportive and nurturing space in a calming setting surrounded by; the influence of nature and culture, somewhere folks can stop, find stillness, feed their body and their soul with good food, company, exercise, where they can share stories, activities and find realignment and balance in our stressful world. 


I had been looking for a place where time stops, where the air and sea feels clean, where just sitting still can bring tranquillity and where the true sense of "Spanish" can still be found - I found it in Alcossebre and the nearby village of Villa Nova. My dear friend Cristina took me there to show me the beginnings of their new restaurant project 2 years ago when it was just a building site. This is where we conspired and developed our idea of Feed The Soul Retreats where we could bring together our ideas and skills to provide a truly unique experience.

Sim and I met through our children who all share a love for performance! We have practiced yoga together over the last 4 years and completed our yoga training together this year. We both share the same dream of practicing and teaching in a beautiful setting, away from studio mirrors and lights where we can engage with the sights and sounds of the environment around us and where we can provide a truly holistic experience that embraces the deeper meaning and philosophy of yoga practice. We decided to work collaboratively with our knowledge and skills so that we can provide a first class, truly holistic retreat experience.

As a therapist and a yoga teacher I have found that with my 25 years of my own yoga practice and 30 years working in health and education, I can provide an effective and integrative approach to my practice. I am developing my skills in the art of meditative practice and breath work, trance and the healing powers of guided imagery and visualisation. I am currently working in supporting those with emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, fears, loss, anger and phobias. I have found the combination of my Human Givens model of therapy, my yoga practice, my background in health and my experience of bringing wellness and ease to others, allows me to practice with an emotionally soothing intuition. 


I believe that I have found my vocation and am so grateful for the experiences, people and choices that have brought me to this point. 


We so look forward to meeting you and sharing this bespoke space and experience at Restaurante Marimer in collaboration with Feed The Soul Retreats and Simple Fitness.

Cat, Sim & Cristina x

When and How?

The current situation means our plans have currently been put on hold until it is safe to travel. We are very much hoping to run the retreats in September 2021 as an exciting new offering.

Please you do get in contact to show your interest and so we can keep you to speed with dates and prices as they evolve.


We cannot wait to get started on this project that has been a few years in the making now!


We strongly believe that as a collaboration we can provide you with an outstanding, bespoke and very special experience.